Club Cocktail

Shaken, stirred or straight up, this is your chance to experience the bar from the other side! Design and mix your very own cocktails and compete for coveted titles like ‘best bar team’ and ‘best bartender’.


A tasty cocktail masterclass kicks the programme off with both classic and contemporary recipes for our guests to taste and learn from. Exotic spirits and liqueurs are next in line for tasting and teams will get to practice layering shots!


With all their newly acquired skills, guests will have to create their own original and creative cocktails experimenting until they feel that have invented the new spirit sensation of the bar scene. Points are awarded for originality, style, catchy names and of course, taste!

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Inside Info

“Club Cocktail is ideal as a pre dinner event as it gets everyone having fun together after a day of meetings. Communication and creativity are key ingredients as everyone in the team needs to agree on recipes, names and of course presentation. There’s a real sense of (loud) achievement when their creations are presented to the judges!”

Katrina Shoesmith, Event Director


Best For:

Entertainment, New Skills, Team Building


Team based cocktail masterclass
Style: Relaxed, sociable, creative




Up to a half day program




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