Country Pursuits

An enjoyable and relaxing event where the guests have the opportunity to partake in traditional country pursuits.


Our team of instructors and event managers are friendly and supportive, making every effort to ensure that your guests have a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoy the activities that you have chosen.


Try your hand at falconry, clay pigeon shooting, or learn how to handle woking dogs with your own flock of geese! Country Pursuits is a great way to reward your team with something a little bit different, with each individual activity being a wonderfully rewarding experience.

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Inside Info

“Country Pursuits can be a very relaxing jaunt through some fascinating activities, but don’t let it fool you - it can get fiercely competitive too!”

Zoe Taylor, Senior Event Manager


Best For:

Reward, Fun, Incentive


Outdoor country pursuits activities


Relaxed, interactive, traditional




Half or full day




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