Creative Grooves

In a blaze of colour, energy and lightning-fast reactions, Creative Grooves will have your guests up on their feet and getting rhythmic from the word go!


This highly dynamic musical event uses Boomwhackers - lightweight, brightly coloured tubes that produce a musical note when struck - to turn your group into a cohesive orchestra performing a live symphony!


Our Maestro and facilitators will inspire and develop your group in minutes, leaving guests feeling inspired, uplifted and full of energy.

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Inside Info

“Creative Grooves is an unbelievable event to watch - it’s amazing how quickly the room is transformed into a harmonious melody! The finale has an intensity to it that leaves everyone blown away by what the group has achieved in such a short time frame.”

Dave Hall, Event Manager


Best For:

Energiser, Icebreaker, Team Building, Collaboration


Fast paced musical event 


Fun, one team, high impact, musical




20mins - 1 hour




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