Dragons' Lair

Fancy yourself as the next Duncan Bannatyne? Have you got a product idea that is better than sliced bread and is sure to make you millions?


You’ll have to work hard to convince The Dragons that your team’s idea is worth investing in - and the only way to succeed is teamwork, preparation and confidence!


Which team can harness the best ideas and couple them with a firm business plan and budget to reach the highest profits? Who will convince our Dragons that they are worth a full investment? Who will fumble their projected turnover figures and mess up their growth forecasts? In The Dragons' Lair, anything can happen!

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Inside Info

"I absolutely love the Dragons' Lair finale, as teams try to clinch the deal and win maximum investment, especially as they get to watch each other’s pitches. The dry humour of our Dragons always makes it hard for teams to keep a straight face - especially with some of the wackier products they come up with!"

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Innovation, Creative Thinking, Entertainment, Team Building


Innovative business challenge event


Dragons' Den, creative, fun




Half or full day




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