This is modern technology at its very best! Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime in this award winning event that uses integrated GPS satellite mapping, touchscreen iPads and a bespoke iSpy app... this is your 21st century experience!


This event is for the gadget geeks and tech lovers. Teams must use all their equipment to complete as many of the 70+ challenges as they can in the time available to gain as many points as possible.


Prioritising their efforts to make the most of their combined skills - only one team can come out on top in this high tech, action packed event!

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Inside Info

“iSpy is a gadget lover’s dream come true, using iPads with GPS mapping and a bespoke app alongside fantastic challenges!”

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Team Building, Cooperation, Time Management


Team based, outdoor treasure hunt event
Style: High tech, interactive
Guests: 6-1200+
Timings: Half day
Budget: £££££


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