Mecca Bingo Painting

Mecca bingo wanted a bespoke, collaborative team build that would create a sense of unity and celebration.


Our event managers and graphic designers met with Mecca prior to the event to brainstorm ideas for the bespoke ‘Mecca Masterpiece’ - a huge artwork that was to be made up of individual canvasses painted by guests. We designed a vibrant, modern illustration that we felt reflected Mecca’s spirit, ready to be re-created in our Work of Art event.


When the giant masterpiece was finally revealed, there were audible shrieks of joy and surprise and the room buzzed with excitement and pride. To watch so many people come together and achieve something so incredible was amazing and a very special moment indeed.

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  • special-projects-team-building-mecca-bingo-work-of-art-3.jpg
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Inside Info

"Thank you for putting on a truly fantastic event. Everyone absolutely loved it, and the reveal was quite emotional – it looked fabulous! A very proud moment indeed. A brilliant event, I know that we will want to do more in the future."

Julia Cook, Mecca Bingo

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