New Zealand Haka

This traditional and ancient Maori tribal ritual is a fantastic way to bring people together in a shared experience. With a single, powerful roar, tribal warriors will storm the room and perform an authentic Haka to the delight (and surprise!) of your guests!


Just as they begin to applaud from the safety of their seats, our Haka master will explain that it is their turn! Guests will learn the historical background and significance of the Haka whilst experiencing the tribal chanting and rhythmic movement patterns as they learn to perform the Haka as one unified group.


We are one of the few companies that guarantee authentic Maori instructors. Experience the real thing!

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Inside Info

“The New Zealand Haka is a brilliant way of uniting a group with a fun and unique experience. I love seeing the looks on the guests’ faces when our Maori tribal warriors storm the room!”

Steve Scott, Operations Director


Best For:

Energiser, Icebreaker, Entertainment, Wow Factor


Maori tribal dance event


Musical, high impact, fun




15 mins - 1 hour




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