On Her Majesty's Service

"Find the killer and uncover the traitor, the Service is relying on you!’ M is furious; MI6 security has been breached, a close ally lies dead on the floor and no one knows the who, what or why. Enter Bond... James Bond!


A truly interactive event as guests are transformed into special agents employing state of the art tablets, finding hidden cameras, intercepting recorded messages and listening out for 'live' feeds from HQ. A murder that will wow your guests as they compete to uncover the killer.


Over coffee, tables act out verdicts, complete with costumes, to rapturous applause. Whether you are a ‘Man with a Golden Gun’ or ‘From Russia with Love’ this is a fantastic event with a licence to thrill!

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Inside Info

"On Her Majesty's brings murder mysteries into the 21st century with gadgets galore for guests to interact with, from iPads and recorded messages to hidden cameras and video links - all from the comfort of their dinner tables! "

Zoe Taylor, Senior Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Reward, Team Building


Team based murder mystery over a meal
Style: High-tech, interactive, fun
Guests: 8-480+
Timings: Over a meal
Budget: £££££


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