Rhythm A La Carte

A highly energised, talented group of professional dancers and musicians cleverly disguised as the 'Maitre D', cheeky waiters and the fiery chef, will delight your unassuming guests with a fabulous ‘Stomp' like performance.


Using kitchen utensils, water butts, metal trays, body percussion and fabulous rhythms, you'll be served a sumptuous feast of table-side entertainment. After this high energy performance, the fun really begins.


In a short interactive section, each table receives a gift bag full of percussive kitchen items and we invite the entire room to join us in a rhythmic table-to-table competition. Your entire party will be instantly transformed into a funky junk percussion group - to their surprise and delight!

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Inside Info

“This is a fabulous way of providing dinner and entertainment with a surprise element that involves the whole room!”

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Surprise, Energisers, Wow Factor


Interactive dinner entertainment
Style: Musical, interactive, fun


Timings: Pre-dinner




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