Rhythm A La Carte

Add a little music to your meal!


The food is delicious and the wine flowing freely, but there’s more going on here than meets the eye. The ‘waiting staff’ are actually a group of our high-energy professional musicians and dancers, and when our ‘chef’ comes out into the restaurant things really start to heat up!


Our team will delight your guests with a ‘Stomp’ like performance as they use kitchen utensils, wine bottles, baking trays and more to create a great rhythm and deliver a service stopping number!


It doesn’t end there as with dessert, tables will each receive a gift bag of improvised instruments and quick instruction on how to form a united sound. The evening ends with a flourish as tables go head to head to create the best and boldest musical number.

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Inside Info

“This is a great event and a wonderful addition to a team meal. It’s a great treat at the end of a day at conference and keeps the energy high for the next day!”

Kim Harrington, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Team Building 


Musical entertainment event
Style: High energy, surprise


Timings: Pre-dinner




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