Rhythm Sensation Drumming

Imagine your guests entering the room to find an array of beautiful drums from all over the world awaiting them! Our team of drum masters are already playing fantastic high energy grooves as a welcome.


Within seconds our team will have everyone learning the basic skills and rhythms needed to build a powerful percussion band ready to embark on a vibrant sound adventure.


Our facilitators will have your group exhilarated and playing cohesively together, reacting and communicating as one unit. The rhythm and atmosphere builds in pace and intensity until the explosive finale.

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Inside Info

“My favourite event, without a doubt! The way the group comes together and the energy in the room during the finale is just incredible - I get goosebumps every single time.”

Conor Molloy, Event Manager


Best For:

Collaboration, Team Building, Energiser, Icebreaker  


Participative, drumming event
Style: Musical, creative, collective, high impact
Guests: 10-2000+
Timings: 30 mins - half day
Budget: £££££


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