The Apprentices

Are you glued to your TV throughout Autumn wondering who will be the next Apprentice? Do you enjoy the fast paced challenges contestants go through and think you could do better? Well here is your chance!


Back to back assignments will test your teams’ ambition, business flair and wits to the full. They must impress Sir Terrence and his assistants throughout if they want to hear those two precious words "you're hired!"


After each challenge teams must present their accomplishments in the boardroom and try to win the favour of Sir Terrence - only one team will have what it takes to become The Apprentices!

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Inside Info

“It’s such a dynamic and creative rush to impress our brilliant actor playing Sir Terence. If you're a fan of the TV programme there is no better team building event, especially for competitive teams!”

Sarah Lewis, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Teamwork, Creativity


Dynamic team challenge event


The Apprentice, entrepreneurial




Half or full day




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