World of Wine

Whether you are a wine lover or a novice you’ll enjoy this light hearted competition. As you travel the world on a voyage of discovery, you will not just sample but learn to describe wines like a TV expert and even blend your own wine!


We bring a selection of wines from the everyday to the more esoteric with a good mix of styles, grapes and countries. A great opportunity to try something different and perhaps discover some new favourites!


Ideal for the group that’s as interested as enjoying each other’s company as they are fine wine!

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Inside Info

“World of Wine is a wonderful taste bud tour of a variety of wine-producing countries. There’s a lot of information and hands on experience, but the emphasis is firmly on fun and pleasure."

Dave Hall, Event Manager


Best For:

Fun, Reward, Team Building


Fun team based wine tasting and blending
Style: Informative, relaxed, interactive
Guests: 8-500+


45 mins - 1.5 hours




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