Back To School

Back To School Team Building

Take a trip down memory lane and find yourselves back at school; the lessons; the teachers... the headmaster! Back to School has teams as competing ‘houses’ stopping at nothing to win the coveted House Cup, flexing their abilities in the classroom as well as out on the playing field!

Those that do well will be awarded with points and prizes, those who don’t will have to forfeit their way out of detention or get sent to the headmaster himself! With a hilarious ‘Sports Day’ finale, only the brightest and best of pupils will be left standing at the end!

The event was well run and succeeded in bringing the team together. Everyone had the opportunity to “lead” as all the exercises utilised different skills. The format ensured that everyone was heard and had the opportunity to be involved. Many thanks for a wonderful event!
Back To School Team Building Photos


  • Fronted by a professional actor
  • Wide range of themed activities
  • School sports day finale
  • High quality props and equipment
  • Trophy prize for winning team

What's Included

  • Event Manager & Experienced Instructors
  • Personal Event Coordinator
  • Guest waterproofs
  • First aid cover
  • £5million liability insurance