SDI Workshop

SDI Team Development Workshop

The Strength Deployment Inventory is a powerful communications tool that looks at what motivates a person and how their priorities change in the face of opposition or conflict.

As part of a workshop individuals complete their own motivational styles profile, after which they are encouraged to explore the implications of this on their choice of behaviour in any given situation.

The SDI is a self-development tool that gives us an indication of what really makes us tick and why we do the things we do. It looks at our motivations when things are going well and when things are going less well.

Really well organized, the tasks were hugely enjoyable and encouraged everyone to get involved, the materials were of good quality and the facilitators were great at delivering and encouraging us all to enjoy the workshop
— Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
SDI Team Development Workshop Photos


  • Versatile workshop content
  • Easy to apply language and learnings
  • Encourages stronger communication
  • A focus on developing relationships
  • Instant results to take away
  • Benefits for businesses as well as individuals

What's Included

  • Professional facilitator to lead the workshop
  • SDI workbook for each guest
  • Event Manager
  • Personal Event Coordinator
  • £5million liability insurance