Subcontractor Terms of Contract

  1. Payment - CCC Events policy is to pay invoices by return as soon as possible after each event. Please ensure that your invoice complies with the guidelines below to save delay
  2. Cancellation - Once you have accepted the booking the following terms apply should you not be able to take a replacement booking on the same date:
    1. Over 28 days prior to the event 25% of fee
    2. 15 to 27 days prior to the event 40% of fee
    3. 8 to 14 days prior to the event 60% of fee
    4. Within 7 days 100% of the fee less any costs not incurred
    5. Please note travel is excluded and is not paid for unless occurred
    6. We reserve the right to move the booking to another event if this is possible
    7. VAT is not payable on cancellation fees (VAT Notice 700 8.13.1)
  3. Where you supply creative or other input into proposals or events this is at your own risk/investment. CCC Events will not reimburse for time and expenses incurred unless otherwise agreed. If the contract is awarded then such input will form part of the agreed fee
  4. All preparation work (script writing, session design, equipment preparation etc.) required is included in the fee as agreed
  5. You have been contracted as a skilled professional and as such you have ultimate control of the workshop, activity or performance you will be running
  6. All equipment that you supply must be suitable and in good condition
  7. You must comply with CCC Events Health and Safety Policy as well as Method Statements and Risk Assessments whether provided by you or CCC Events at all times
  8. If you need to substitute staff, the substitute(s) must have the required skills and experience to complete the contract. We will only pay you the fee agreed and you are responsible for any additional expenses incurred. Please let us know ASAP so that we can ensure uniforms/costumes fit etc
  9. The fee agreed refers to the contracted event regardless of the time taken. Any additional payments such as holiday pay or overtime paid to you or your staff are your responsibility
  10. You are responsible for all applicable VAT, Income Tax & National Insurance for you and your staff
  11. Please ensure that all professional qualifications and training for your trade are current and that we have copies of relevant certificates including insurance documentation
  12. All contracts are awarded on an individual basis and should not be taken to form part of an ongoing relationship. The Company is not obliged to offer ongoing contracts or work to the Contractor nor is the Contractor obliged to accept such contracts or work if offered


Please ensure that you supply your invoice on or with a copy of your company letterhead including:

  • Date of Issue
  • Identifying Number
  • Your Trading Name
  • Your Trading Address
  • Tax Point (Date of supply)
  • Customer Name and Address
  • Description of Services Supplied
  • Type of Supply (Sale, Service, Hire etc.)
  • Terms (Payable within 14 days etc.) - not needed but usual practice
  • VAT & Company Number (if applicable)

(Compiled from HM Customs & Excise information)

If you would like to be paid directly into your Bank Account we need:

  • Name of Bank
  • Sort Code
  • Account Number