Indoor Team Building at it's Best: The Enigma Challenge

The Brief:

Create an innovative, animated team building event that boosts motivation and encourages participants to work together. It must have plenty of challenges, with something to suit everyone, whether they are a brainteaser-loving whiz-kid, an aspiring creative, or an active ball of energy.

Oh, and just one more thing: it must be completely winter-proof, allowing our clients to inject excitement and fun into their working day without leaving the warm comfort of the conference room.

The Solution?

The awesome Enigma Challenge!

Transparent question mark with green background

Boasting over 100 different and varied challenges within one unique event, the Enigma Challenge is a race against time as teams frantically complete as much possible before our Giant Countdown Clock runs out!

Team Challenge

Individual challenges are split into four categories, which enables participants to delegate and play to their team member's strengths. There's a wealth of tasks to suit every taste - are you feeling creative? Compose a 'replica' Mona Lisa to earn yourself 40 points! Enjoy the Sunday crossword? Get stuck into the Brainteaser category to solve our fiendish  puzzles. Maybe you're feeling energetic - try capturing a photo of your entire team jumping in the air!  Or if you're simply great at sniffing out answers, head to the Aroma area to try and decipher our mystery scents.

Creative Challenge

You'll be having too much fun to realise it at the time, but the Enigma Challenge carries huge potential benefits for your working relationships. Because everyone - no matter their interests or strengths - can play a valuable part in getting their team to victory, every participant will come away with a sense of achievement and value. You'll also see sides to your colleagues you never knew existed, which breaks the ice and provides office banter material for years to come.

Team Challenge

With our dynamic scoring system, we are able to break down your scores into categories - so as well as there being one overall winning team, you'll also get feedback on who completed the most challenges, which groups worked best together, the team that was the most creative or observant, and the champions of puzzles and brainteasers. As well as allowing victories to more than one team, this is also a great way of assessing how people think and work - many of our clients take this feedback and use it to implement changes in how they operate as a team.

Team Challenge

As many of the challenges involve you taking photographic proof of success, you'll end up with a brilliant collection of hilarious team photos to decorate your office with, allowing you to re-live the day to your heart's content!

If you'd like to find out more about this brilliant event, call 0845 006 06 06 for a chat.