Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas #7

This week's Easy Office-Based Team Building Idea takes inspiration from the hit TV show Minute to Win It. It's the perfect solution if you're after low-budget yet high-octane team challenges that bring people together for a fun Friday afternoon.

Minute to Win It

The concept of Minute to Win It is simple: a range of (seemingly) straight-forward challenges are set, which participants must complete in 60 seconds or less in order to earn points for their team. The beauty of using this concept as a team building exercise is that once the clock starts ticking, it becomes highly competitive whilst also being very light-hearted; participants will be so focused on completing their challenge in under a minute that they won't care how silly they look whilst doing it!

Minute To Win It

To prepare for your Minute to Win It team building afternoon, begin by deciding which challenges you want to set. You can find a full list of challenges, as well as explanatory videos on the US Minute To Win It website, but some of our favourites are:

  • Defying Gravity - tap 3 balloons to keep them off the ground for 60 seconds
  • Floatacious - build a floating tower out of fizzy drink cans
  • Noodling Around - pick up six pieces of penne pasta from a table using only one piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth
  • Office Tennis - using only a clipboard, volley a ball of paper into a bin 15 feet away
  • Roll With It - unspool two rolls of toilet paper at the same time, using only one hand for each

Once you've gathered everything you need, divide the group into teams. Present the first challenge (you can either explain it yourself or play the website's video on a computer or through a projector) and give the teams 30 seconds to nominate their first player. Have the players come up and compete one at a time, keeping track of their scores. Once they are done, move onto the next challenge until everyone has competed at least once. Be sure to have a camera on hand - if you want to win, there's no way to tackle these challenges glamorously!

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