Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas #8

Here at CCC Events, we get a massive buzz from motivating corporate groups through our fabulous team building events. But when the event day is over, we still want to help out - which is why we love our series on Easy Office Based Team Building Ideas. They are the perfect solution for those of you looking for quick, budget friendly motivators that you can run yourselves, between your 'official' team building days. This week, we are looking at Zoom, an illustrated book by Istvan Banyai, and how it can be utilised as a brilliant team building resource. Numerous corporate coaches use Zoom as a highly effective facilitation tool, but for a fraction of the cost it's easy to do it yourself.


Zoom is a world-renowned wordless children's book, written in 1995 and since published in 18 countries. Its illustrations take the reader though an amazing narrative as the eye of the reader 'zooms out' - see how it works here.

To apply Zoom as an easy motivational team building exercise, the only purchase you will need to make is of a couple of copies of the book, which is available for a couple of pounds here on Amazon. Separate and laminate the pages, shuffle them up and divide the pictures amongst your team.  Their task is then to arrange the pages in order of sequence, either 'zooming out' or 'zooming in'.

Istvan Banyai's Zoom

This is great energiser at the start of a small team meeting, but can also work as a fantastic icebreaker for large conferences. Simply prepare one page per person and place one at each table setting. Participants then have until the end of the conference to swap pages, the aim being that they can make up a complete sequence within their table. Swapping can be done during breaks or free time, providing a great conversation starter and encouraging plenty of networking.

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