Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas #12 - Christmas Edition!

With only a few weeks to go until Santa comes, we're rounding up our favourite Christmas-themed Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas to get you in the festive spirit and carry your team through the last few weeks of the year. Easy Office Based Teams Building Ideas Christmas Edition

  • Deck the Halls...and reception...and loo...

One of our regular clients is a huge fan of their annual desk-decorating competition. Teams are made up out of the 'islands' their desks are arranged in, and all decoration must be complete by the 1st of December. The CEO then acts as a judge and declares her favourite before prizes are given and mulled wine enjoyed by all. Apparently they get very competitive, with last year's winning desk being transformed into a German Christmas market! If you don't want to go quite as extreme, simply declare 4pm this Friday as 'the decorating hour' and watch as your colleagues are transformed into excited children again. Magical.

  • The Christmas Bake-Off

Our last Office Bake-Off was a huge hit, so we'll definitely be recreating it this year with our favourite Christmas treats. An American take on this would be to do a cookie swap, in which everyone bakes their favourite biscuit (bake at least one biscuit per colleague) and swaps them so that everyone has a lovely selection to take home. Alternatively, ask everyone to make a mixture of sweet and savoury goods to result in a huge lunch feast for all. We'll be making Paul Hollywood's Savoury Christmas Chelsea Buns in the hope of being crowned Ultimate Christmas Baking Champion.

  • Elf Yourself

For a simple yet hilarious way to get even the most Scrooge-like of colleagues into the Christmas spirit, visit Elf Yourself and get uploading. It's really easy to use, all you'll need is some photos of your colleagues, but be sure to put yourself in there too to show that you're game.

  • Lend a Hand

Nothing builds motivation and teamwork like helping out those less fortunate at Christmas time. At CCC we'll be donning our sparkly sweaters and supporting Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day, but there's a multitude of other ways you could give back. Popular ideas include asking everyone to spend a few pounds on an extra toy to be given to a children's charity, taking flowers or treats from your Bake-Off to a local care home and spending some time with the elderly, or 'treating' other nearby businesses to lunchtime carolling and donating the proceeds.

  • Secret Santa Advent Raffle

A twist on the classic office Secret Santa - source one gift per person (either ask everyone to bring one in or have the company provide them). Attach raffle tickets to each gift and place them somewhere prominent. In the countdown to Christmas, hold a daily raffle, having one person pick a ticket from a hat each day - they then win whichever gift matches their ticket! Any leftovers are picked on the final day of work before Christmas, and it's a nice way of having something small going on every day rather than one big present-giving.

Want to take the load off this Christmas? Let us take care of the entertainment! Our evening events are perfect for office parties. Visit our website or call 0845 006 06 06 for a chat with our lovely sales team.