Going for Gold: Team Building in London

After an amazing fortnight in London, we've all been suffering from withdrawal symptoms and eagerly awaiting the Paralympics. Luckily, we needn't have felt so blue - only a few days after the closing ceremony, CCC Events was running its own 2012 -themed day in London!

We began the day with an opening ceremony to rival anything Danny Boyle could come up with, including an inaugural lighting of the flame. The group then got competitive with jazzed-up versions of traditonal sports, including Giant Shot-put, Junkyard Javelin, Giant Penalty Shoot-Out and the ever-hilarious Water-less Synchronised Swimming!

The final activity was a brilliant 4x400ml Relay, in which we swapped out the traditional baton for water-soaked sponges! Teams raced to gather as much water in their team container as possible by tossing the sponges to one another - trying not to get too soaked themselves:

Event manager Kye commented,

"The 2012 spirit is still going strong today - there's been plenty of banter and the teams are even more competitive than Team GB!"

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