Tessa Turns 30!

It's not every day one of our Senior Sales & Events Co-ordinators turns the big 30 so here at CCC HQ we thought we'd make a fuss! CCC Birthday Celebrations in the Office

Tessa has been with CCC for nearly 5 years and is one of our most experienced sales & event coordinators selling over 200 of our award winning events!

With her jolly Yorkshire accent and infectious laugh, our clients always love working with Tess - and so do we. Tess had always wanted flowers delivered to work so we all pitched in and made it happen for her - aren't we a lovely 'bunch'?

CCC Birthday Celebrations in the Office

If you would like to talk to our super-friendly team about organising your next team building event why not give our lovely sales co-ordinators a call on 0845 006 06 06 or visit our website for more info.