The Stakes are High at The Studio, Birmingham

The Studio is a great modern venue in central Birmingham and was the site for a recent and very successful High Stakes Horse Racing Event.

The stakes were high as 100 guests sat for dinner and the races commenced. In High Stakes Horse Racing teams use electronic keypads to place bets on a series of races, that are then shown 'live' on the big screen.

The computer does all the hard work and guests can enjoy the thrill of the races from the comfort of the dinner table.

 The event was compered by the great Mike Reddy, who throws himself into every role with abandon.

Event Manager Mike Horner said:

"Mike always puts amazing effort into his characters, whether he's acting in a murder mystery or simply presenting a quiz or racing event. For this character he styled himself the true Victorian dandy, down to pocket-watch and monocle, and had even learned 'tic tac' - not just a small mint it turns out, but the complex series of hand gestures that bookmakers use at the races to signal odds."

The finer details of Mike's hand gestures and racecourse slang were lost on many, but that actually contributed to the enjoyment, and laughter rang out for the entire evening!

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