Team Building At Down Hall in Hertfordshire

Down Hall in Hertfordshire is a beautiful venue, with extensive, well kept grounds - ideal for an outdoor team building event like our Hostage Rescue! And so it was on Friday that Operations Director Steve "Agent S" Scott rounded up his team of mercenaries, hostage takers and weapon handlers to treat 30 delegates to an explosive day!

Steve had this to say of the day:

"The event was a complete surprise for most of the clients, and starts with a fake briefing being interrupted by two masked men with machine guns! After they took their hostage - in this case one of the company managers - it was up to me and the team to train up our guests in order to save the day!"

Teams spent the day learning a variety of skills and competing in several challenges, including pistol shooting and bomb disposal.

Steve went on:

"The clients on the day were a great bunch and everyone really got into the spirit of the day. The rescue of the hostage at the end was hilarious - some teams were contemplating leaving him chained up even as the enemy base was beginning to explode"

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