A Bite-size Taste of Camden Lock!

The World has taken one giant size culinary leap in my lifetime, from Cooking with Mother jam tarts to Delia's baking, through watching in amazement at Keith Floyd's wine fuelled outdoor cooking adventures (Shhhhh, nobody mention the Puffin), to the gigantic platter of celebrity chefs that delight us with mouth watering recipes from around the globe today! And I LOVE food. I love cooking, and I love eating! Cooking events are becoming more and more popular as the hype of new foods take off, baking programmes become more competitive - even grown men cry on The Great British Bake Off, and new global cooking techniques emerge.

A delicious selection of the team's affortsCCC Events also run really experimental Canape Creations events, which not only teach guests how to make some easy but impressive professional looking party pieces for their own social events, but gives the teams a chance to be introduced to a whole array of delicious ingredients which they may never have worked with before.

Having recently managed one of these events for one of our global clients I would like to thank the Holiday Inn, Camden Lock for being the ideal venue to hold our cooking events. The function room is built with floor to ceiling glass windows looking directly onto the Camden Lock, so it's beautifully light and a perfect setting. The staff were really helpful, and the exclusive use of the function room kitchen was absolutely perfect for the cooking master class.

Camden Lock

As far as Team Building goes, the cooking events are my favourite to manage, enabling the teams to work well together to create some very ‘interesting’ results! The teams in this Canape Creations event paid great attention to detail and managed to produce perfect quail scotch eggs, mini lamb ragout pies and some delicious bite sized Tiramisu! I’ll be using some of these recipes at home!

Filo pastry baskets made my the clients

For more information on our food events, chocolate workshops and general team building days please call our sales and events coordinators on 0845 006 06 06, or visit our website.