Fashion Works: Creative Team Building at Ettington Chase, Warwickshire

If you've been given the task of arranging your company's next team building event, but your colleagues are more Prada than paintballing, then look no further than the fabulous Fashion Works!

Fashion Works

In this fantastic and creative team building event, you'll get the chance to become fashionistas for the day, designing and making next year's hottest 'look' before an amazing Catwalk Finale. Each team forms a design house and there are roles for everyone - from models to choreographers and seamstresses to photographers, it's all hands on deck to get the final production ready.

A plethora of materials is supplied, so everyone can let their imagination run riot in order to come up with the most impressive, larger-than-life designs they can think of. And that they do - you may never have known that your favourite colleague has always dreamt of dressing up as a glam-rock version of Cinderella, but after this team building event, you will!

Our recent Fashion Works team build at Ettington Chase in Warwick was just as incredible as any other - the teams' feet barely touched the ground as they raced around the hotel and grounds getting as many shots as possible for their official photo shoot, the results of which were then displayed on a giant screen for everyone to enjoy.

When the time was up, the teams were raring to go for their Catwalk Finale - and they didn't disappoint. Everyone was in stitches, whilst also being highly impressed with the incredible outfits that had been produced. The day ended on a high as the winning design house was announced and the champagne corks popped - next stop, Milan!

If you're interested in one of our awesome creative team building events, visit our website or call 0845 006 06 06 to speak to our fabulous sales team.