Fashion Works: Creative Team Building at Ettington Chase, Warwickshire

If you've been given the task of arranging your company's next team building event, but your colleagues are more Prada than paintballing, then look no further than the fabulous Fashion Works!

Fashion Works

In this fantastic and creative team building event, you'll get the chance to become fashionistas for the day, designing and making next year's hottest 'look' before an amazing Catwalk Finale. Each team forms a design house and there are roles for everyone - from models to choreographers and seamstresses to photographers, it's all hands on deck to get the final production ready.

A plethora of materials is supplied, so everyone can let their imagination run riot in order to come up with the most impressive, larger-than-life designs they can think of. And that they do - you may never have known that your favourite colleague has always dreamt of dressing up as a glam-rock version of Cinderella, but after this team building event, you will!

Our recent Fashion Works team build at Ettington Chase in Warwick was just as incredible as any other - the teams' feet barely touched the ground as they raced around the hotel and grounds getting as many shots as possible for their official photo shoot, the results of which were then displayed on a giant screen for everyone to enjoy.

When the time was up, the teams were raring to go for their Catwalk Finale - and they didn't disappoint. Everyone was in stitches, whilst also being highly impressed with the incredible outfits that had been produced. The day ended on a high as the winning design house was announced and the champagne corks popped - next stop, Milan!

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Outdoor Team Building: Rule The World at Great Fosters Hotel, Surrey

Spring is already on it's way and many of our clients are planning their summer team building events. It's a bit like booking a holiday - the thought of a long, hot day in the sun, with plenty of competitive fun, perhaps followed by a barbecue and some beers is enough to get you and your team through the last dark days of winter and keep everyone motivated in the months running up to the big day. One of our most-loved outdoor team building events, Rule The World, is the perfect solution: with our giant board game, numerous and varied challenges, and a life-size 'Jail' to send the boss to, you'll be kept entertained all day and see sides to your colleagues you never knew existed!sean4

Our favourite ever Rule The World took place at the beautiful Great Fosters Hotel in Egham, Surrey. With its 50 acres of gorgeous gardens, Great Fosters is the ideal venue for team building events in Surrey, and was the perfect backdrop for our life-sized, Monopoly-style board game.


Teams couldn't wait to roll the giant dice and draw a Mystery card, which could task them with anything from solving a fiendish puzzle to tackling a physical challenge, in exchange for millions of pounds! When they started buying 'land', it was every team for themselves as they raced to accumulate the most countries and rule the board - and the world!

"Rule The World is a fantastic outdoor team building event because it brings to life everyone's favourite family game - with a twist. Great Fosters' grounds were a riot of colour and laughter and a brilliant day was had by all." - Zoe Taylor, CCC Event Manager.

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Team Building at Cannizaro House, Wimbledon

Last week Event Managers Kate and Kye ran an epic Monte Carlo or Bust team build at the gorgeous Cannizaro House in Wimbledon. Teams went head-to-head in the race to design, build and race life-sized concept cars, letting their imaginations run riot and their inner F1 drivers come to life!

Cannizaro House was the perfect backdrop - glamorous, sophisticated and boasting beautiful grounds, it wouldn't look out of place in Monaco.

After building their chassis, the group was let loose on the CCC Shop, which was bursting with materials for the body of the car. As always, the teams came up with a plethora of wacky designs - including a Flintstones-themed car, a Batmobile, and even a riff on the Pope-mobile!

We threw a spanner in the works when we announced that as well as designing the car itself, teams would also be required to make matching costumes - a task which everyone threw themselves into, with hilarious results.

Once the designs had been paraded and presented to the rest of the group, the cars were put to the test in a race of speed and agility, prompting much competitive banter between teams.

The day finished on a high when the winners were announced and the champagne prize awarded - and like true F1 drivers, the team couldn't resist spraying it everywhere!

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