Team Building in Buckinghamshire - Club Cocktail at The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield

We were recently at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield to run our Club Cocktail event - where guests are given expert tutelage in the art of good cocktail making and then let loose on a whole range of spirits, mixers, fruits and syrups to try it for themselves! Indoor Team Building - Cocktail CreationsClub Cocktail is a great piece of indoor team building, and works as an event in its own right or as part of a full day of activities. As well as the 'art' of cocktail preparation guests will create some classic drinks, such as Manhattans, Whisky Sours and Mai Tais.

Food and Drink Team Building - Club Cocktail

Then guests will put their new skills and knowledge to the test, crafting their own signature cocktails and innovative shots!

Club Cocktail is great as a reward for your team - why not add it to your next conference program? It fits in perfectly as a pre-dinner activity, and is a great way of engaging teams to work together on creative projects!

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