Top Indoor Events


Top Indoor Team Building Events

Whether included during a day of meetings, a conference, located at a venue or at your offices, or held as a standalone event, indoor team building events are a productive and fun way to motivate and energise teams, drive communication and collaboration with a healthy side of competition! The following are our most popular and successful indoor events.


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Enigma Challenge

A team building event like no other, the Enigma challenge is non-stop action from the start! Teams will be instantly absorbed in this battle against the clock, racing to complete the 101 challenges! Read more...

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Work of Art

Work of Art is an amazing piece of collaboration. Individual canvases are painted, each forming a part of the greater image. It could be a famous old master, a contemporary work or even a company logo. Read more...

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Commercial Break

Guests are formed into production teams and must use their imagination to write, direct, film and star in their very own TV adverts, creating storyboards, straplines, USPs and slogans! Read more...

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Chocolate Factory

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Chocolatier! Let our chocolate experts show your guests everything there is to know about the art of great chocolate making. Read more...

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Rhythm Sensations Drumming

With a burst of sound our team of professional musicians spring into the room playing high energy grooves on drums of all shapes and sizes! Read more...

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The Apprentices

As guests enter the ‘Boardroom’ they know that only high performance teams will succeed! For the next few hours their feet will not touch the ground as back to back assignments test their ambition and business flair to the full! Read more...


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