Monte Carlo or Bust

The race is on! Monte Carlo or Bust sees teams designing and building life-sized concept cars to fit the ever-changing briefs from team owners, sponsors and safety advisers... all before time runs out and the million-pound budget is blown!


With a huge range of building materials available, the teams must plan effectively if they want to meet specifications and come in on deadline.


There’s a role for everyone, so communication is key, teamwork is crucial and imagination is essential! A highly creative challenge that develops from the initial brief to the final unveiling of the teams' innovative designs.

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Inside Info

“My favourite part of a Monte Carlo or Bust are the last-minute modifications that take place right before crunch time. There’s so much potential for creativity that the final designs are always amazing!”

Dave Hall, Event Manager


Best For:

Communication, Teamwork, Innovation


Concept car building challenge


Creative, fun, fast paced




Half or full day




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