Team Building Events: Indoor Events

With a huge range of team building events out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To help you narrow down the search, we have divided the best events into categories, and will profile a different one each week, complete with tips on what might be best for your team. Today, we're looking at indoor events - the perfect way to get the most out of your team building event without leaving the comfort of the conference room! Indoor Team Building Events

Indoor Team Building Events

With the ever-growing demand for effective, entertaining indoor team builds, options within this category have increased exponentially. Recently developed indoor events mean that they are hugely flexible to the space and time scale available, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're after a half day or full day programme, or if you just have a small pocket of time in which you'd like to keep everyone motivated and entertained, there'll be something to suit you in the indoor event category.

Indoor Team Building - Enigma Challenge

 Why Choose an Indoor Event?

An indoor event is perfect for your team if....

  • You're concerned about the weather. It's an obvious one, but if your conference or away day happens to fall during the winter months and you would like to fit in some team building, then an indoor event is the way forward.  All the fantastic benefits of team building without having to brave the great outdoors - it's a win-win situation!
  • You'll be in Central London or another busy city. Outdoor space can be hard to come by in cities, so remove it from the equation with an indoor team building event. There'll be many boxes to check when sourcing the ideal venue for your conference - proximity to airports, high-quality accommodation - but with an indoor team build, you won't have to add 'outdoor space' to your list.
  • You've done lots of team building before and want something completely different. The huge demand for indoor team building events has been addressed with the development of some really unique and dynamic events. While outdoor team builds tend to be more traditional, events from our indoor category will surprise and delight even your most 'seasoned' team members.
  • You want a seamless transition between meetings and team building. If there is a particular message you would like to link to your team build, or if you've done some great work already and want to keep the momentum going, then an indoor event is a brilliant option. Many of our indoor events can begin straight after you finish your meetings, ensuring that everyone stays engaged and on-message.
  • You don't have a 'traditional' conferencing venue. The fantastic thing about indoor team builds is that they can often be run in your own offices - so if you'd like the motivational benefits of a team build without having to shell out for venue costs, we can come to you!

Indoor Team Building - Commercial Break

 Top Indoor Events

  •  Enigma Challenge - Indoor team building as you've never seen it before! Your colleagues' feet won't touch the ground in the race against time to complete as many fiendish and outrageous challenges as possible!
  • Work of Art - Creative team building at it's best, Work of Art sees teams putting paint to canvas in an effort to complete a giant masterpiece. Not just for the aspiring Damien Hirsts amongst you, this is a real collaborative event with a very special finale.
  • Commercial Break -  This brilliant event sees teams become their own production company for the day; scripting, directing and starring in their very own TV commercials! With a plethora of props, wigs, hats and costumes available, it's not long before teams are getting into character and stars are born!

For more event ideas - both indoor and out - visit our website or call 0845 006 06 06 for a chat with our lovely sales team.