Commercial Break

Welcome to the billion-dollar world of advertising – extraordinary budgets, exotic locations and glamorous models. Your guests compete to write, direct, film and star in their very own TV adverts, inventing straplines, USP’s, gimmicks and slogans.


Guests are formed into production teams and must use their imagination to produce a showreel in which they all star! We provide an array of costumes and props, along with wigs and accessories, to aid the teams with their creativity and final production.


The event culminates with a hilarious showing of the adverts and your own Oscar style awards!

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Inside Info

“Commercial Break is a great event for team building, because everyone contributes in their own way. The final films are always brilliant and hilarious!”

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Team Building, Fun, Entertainment


TV Advert themed filming event

Style: Creative, flexible, tailored for your group
Guests: 6-760+
Timings: Half or full day
Budget: £££££


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