Work of Art

Pieces of a giant canvas are painted by individual teams before coming together to reveal the final ‘Work Of Art’. Your masterpiece may reflect that of a famous old master, or could even be a contemporary work or a company logo!


Accurate communication and collaboration are the keys to success, so guests do not have to be artistic to participate. Will the team succeed? All will be revealed in the final unveiling!


Once complete, the individual canvases will be joined together to create a magnificent ‘Work Of Art’. The standard of results is often very high, and teams can take their masterpiece away to be displayed with pride in their offices.

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Inside Info

"It's great to see the teams communicating and working together towards a common goal. My favourite part of the event has to be the final reveal - seeing our clients' faces as they admire their masterpiece is really quite moving."

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration 


Giant collaborative painting event


Creative, one team - one goal, high impact




Half or full day




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