'The Apprentices!' team build gets a technological makeover in London

It wasn't just the mid-summer heat wave that had our teams fired up in London this week - The Apprentices! event had teams running around the city, haggling for the best prices and filming TV commercials to win the challenge and avoid those famous last words; 'You're fired!' We had the pleasure of working from the luxurious St Ermin's Hotel in central London where the staff couldn't have been more helpful and the decor was immaculate. We even got a sneak peak of the Olympic torch from our conference room window!

St Ermin's Hotel London

Teams were kitted out with iPads, digital cameras, HD video cameras and two-way radios to help them fight it out over who would be hired and who would be fired at the end of a very hectic day!

Our experienced front man Terry Bird had the teams begging for forgiveness when they arrived late and making final pleas in the board room - putting them through their paces in a battle of race-against-time business challenges.

Apprentices Team Building Event with CCC

Event Manager Katrina commented:

'The clients wanted something business focused, using the latest technology, whilst still being good fun - The Apprentices! event is perfect for just that. We tailored the event to have teams answer ridiculous radio requests from our tycoon, shoot their own TV commercials and create final pitches on their team iPads - it worked really well.'

Having the opportunity to tailor our award winning events with some of our in-house technology keeps us all on our toes in the office and we love to see a good plan come together - here's what our clients had to say:

'Thanks so much for the activity, really good fun. Sir Terrence was excellent, everyone enjoyed it, many thanks to you all!'

Think that your team would fare against our 'terrible tycoon'? Think you've got more business savvy than your colleagues? Want to see your boss grovelling for forgiveness? Then give our team a call on 0845 006 06 06 or visit our website for more info.

Behind The Scenes - The Apprentices!

Another day, another great team building event! At the Grand Hotel, Brighton, we were right on our own doorstep for The Apprentices!

Mike Horner, the event manager on the day, said "Nick's entrance is great - he storms into the conference room shouting into his phone, switching back and forth between English and Russian, before finally hanging up and seeing the guests for the first time and fixing them with his trademark steely glare!"

Learn more about our Apprentices event here, or get in touch for more information.

Behind The Scenes

Operations Director Steve Scott gets in the spirit of the role as he joins in yesterday's The Apprentices event. "I'm a lovely guy, really, I am", he insists. "But there's something really enjoyable about playing a shouting tycoon! It's all in good fun, and the clients had a great time."

Apprentices Team Building Day with Steve Scott

Event Manager Kate Packham said "Steve always brings an element of comical grumpiness to the role! Not at all like he is around the office, of course!"

Well indeed.

We invite you to offer a comment of your own. Steve - an imposing, fear-inducing tycoon? Or a loveable, mild mannered and misunderstood business magnate?

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