The Apprentices

As guests enter the ‘Boardroom’ they know that only high performance teams will succeed! For the next few hours their feet will not touch the ground as back to back assignments test their ambition, business flair and wits to the full!


Fluttering eyelids and flattering remarks won’t impress our business tycoon, who will rage against shoddy workmanship, ill thought out business plans and one-trick ponies. Time is ticking as teams discover a variety of tasks that await them. The challenges are designed to push the guests’ skills and creative thinking to the absolute limits.


After each challenge our tycoon will ask difficult questions and demand straight answers, and the final boardroom showdown will see who is ‘hired’!

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Inside Info

“The Apprentices is great fun. Many groups are familiar with the show, and the boardroom exchanges are always brilliant.”

Iain Irvine, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Teamwork, Creativity 


Dynamic team challenge event


The Apprentice, entrepreneurial




Half or full day




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