The Apprentices

The Apprentices sees teams competing to win the favour of our very own billionaire tycoon, Sir Terence Trumpalot!


Can you talk the talk, give 110%, are you a one trick pony or a thoroughbred stallion? Turn your business acumen up to eleven and dust off your book of business clichés in this high impact, high octane, high jinx event!


Completing challenges along the way, teams must meet and impress our Tycoon and his assistants at various points.


Teams will have to do all they can to survive the final boardroom confrontation and hear the two magic words “you’re hired!”

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Inside Info

“The Apprentices becomes really competitive really quickly. Nobody wants to ‘be fired’, but they’re all pretty sure the other teams should be! The Barter Challenge in particular is amazing fun.”

Kim Harrington, Event Manager


Best For:

Teamwork, Innovation, Creative Thinking


Apprentice style team challenges


Fun, creative, entrepreneurial




Half or full day




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