Belbin Workshop

The Belbin Team Development Workshop identifies behavioural strengths and allowable weaknesses in the workplace, and helps to build productive working relationships, mutual trust and understanding, and enhanced productivity.


Assessing the way an individual within a group behaves, contributes and interacts with others is key to understanding their team role, raising self-awareness in the workplace.


By looking at how various team roles can work together, we can amplify the team’s ability to flourish and reduce both potential conflict and the impact when conflicts do arise.

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Inside Info

"Simply forming teams and expecting quick and effective results can be unrealistic - team members should understand thier own strengths and weakensses, in a way that builds both individual and group confidence. Realising that no one member of a team can be 'perfect', and that our strengths can be further reinforced by understanding the strengths of others, can be a powerful development for any team"

Katrina Shoesmith, Event Director


Best For:

Facilitation, Communication, Working Together, Developing Relationships


Team development workshop


Interactive, informative, serious




Half or full day program




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