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When a more in depth approach is required, our Learning & Development events are massively rewarding. Using only fully qualified and accredited experts within their field, our Facilitators will take your group through an enjoyable, enlightening experience with practical, actionable takeaways.


Team Building Events | Development | Corporate Animals


SDI Workshop

A Strength Deployment Inventory is a powerful communication tool that looks at what motivates a person and how their priorities change in the face of opposition or conflict. Read more...

Team Building Events | Development | Corporate Animals


Corporate Animals

It’s a jungle out there! Corporate Animals is a fascinating and fun exploration of the lessons we can learn from the Animal Kingdom Read more...

Team Building Events | Development | Leadership Insights


Leadership Insights

During our Leadership Insights programme you'll lead and take part in exercises, analyse your performance and receive feedback from fellow delegates Read more...

Team Building Events | Development | Belbin Workshop


Belbin Workshop

The Belbin Team Development Workshop identifies behavioural strengths and allowable weaknesses in the workplace, and helps to build productive working relationships. Read more...

Team Building Events | Development | Time Lords


Time Lords

This dynamic, high-energy training program tackles one of the most common problems faced by today's workforce - too much to do and not enough time! Read more...

Team Building Events | Development | Facilitation



With a keen focus on individual skills and strengths contributing to the overall good of the team, facilitation will help teams review performance and generate new and improved action plans for their next challenge. Read more...


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