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Top Outdoor Team Building Events

Taking your team into the great outdoors is a great way of breaking down boundaries. From huge scale outdoor activities taking over the grounds of hotels or conference centres, to smaller events stepping outside for an hour or two during a meeting, from high energy challenges through the city streets, to getting back to basics around a campfire in the woods, an outdoor event really does take your team out of themselves!


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Modern technology at its very best! This award winning event uses integrated GPS satellite mapping, iPad Pros, and your very own bespoke app! It engages the gadget lovers, problem solvers and creative thinkers alike in this thrilling 21st century experience! Read more...

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Rule the World

Teams roll enormous dice and their pieces are moved around the 35 foot ‘Monopoly’ style board in this game with a difference! Teams draw Fortune and Mystery cards challenging them to a series of games and forfeits. Read more...

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The Apprentices

Can you talk the talk? Give 110%? Are you a one trick pony or a thoroughbred stallion? Turn your business acumen up to eleven and dust off your book of business cliches in this high impact, high octane, high jinx event! Read more...

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Cryptic Challenge

Inspired by shows like The Crystal Maze and The Krypton Factor, teams compete in a series of Mental, Physical and Mystery games to amass as many points as possible! Read more...

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Experience nature at ground level as groups learn how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Free from the stresses of civilisation this is a great way to build and cement relationships in a memorable and highly informative way. Read more...

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The Games

A chance to compete in your own 'Olympics', tailored to your team(s), your organisation, your guests. Choose from our extensive selection of ideas so that everyone has the chance to shine and bask in the light of Olympic glory! Read more...


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