High Tech Team Building Events

Team building for the gadget lovers! From hi-tech treasure hunts using GPS mapping and cloud based score tables, to filming events where teams edit their own movies in real time on iPads, or CSI styled events where teams play with the latest in forensic equipment, high tech events incorporate the latest and best technology.


Team Building Events | High Tech | iSpy



This is modern technology at its very best! Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime in this award winning event that uses integrated GPS satellite maps and iPad Pros alongside fantastic challenges...this is your 21st century experience! Read more...

Team Building Events | High Tech | Commercial Break


Commercial Break

Guests are formed into production teams and must use their imagination to write, direct and produce a film, in which they all star! Read more...

top evening team building murder mysteries csi


CSI:Murder Mystery

A tragic death; motives abound; but was it murder? Our CSI Murder Mystery puts your group in the role of Crime Scene Investigators - from the comfort of the dinner table! Read more...

Team Building Events | High Tech | iStudio



iStudio sees teams take on the roles of short film or commercial makers, from pre to post production, and with everything in between. Read more...


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