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Need to make your budget stretch further? We can help with offers on some of our amazing, award winning events. Read the FAQ, check out the events, just don’t delay - we often update these daily and once it’s gone… 


Why are you offering discounts?


Good question. We do want everyone to experience the CCC magic but there are sound commercial reasons. We invest heavily in new events and innovation is expensive, it makes a lot of sense to promote our latest events to get a quick return on investment and before the competition rides in on our coat tails with imitations! We also have quieter days and if we can spread the work it helps. It really does work both ways and makes your budget stretch further.


Who can use the offer?


Anyone, anywhere. Our prices even include travel to mainland UK. If you are in Europe or further afield you still benefit from the discount on the event but not on our travel, accommodation and subsistence which is charged at cost.


What do you take out to reduce the price?


Nada, zilch, absolutely nothing, you get the same fantastic event. We never compromise as you can see from our constant flow of testimonials and feedback, just see our Twitter feed.


What about venue costs?


CCC have a dedicated venue finding department that can get fantastic reduced rates from venues. Give them a budget and let them work their magic.


What’s the catch?


There isn’t one. If you want to do the promoted event on a day that it is available then you are onto a winner.


I’m a charity or social enterprise and already get special rates with CCC, can we…


We do our best to make our events accessible to all but multiple discounts can't apply, sorry.


How do I take advantage of an offer?


Get on the phone, that’s 0845 006 0606, or email, you can even fill in a quick form but that takes a bit longer. The main thing is to do it now to ensure availability. Remember we update our offers daily.


And the fine print...


It’s not really fine print, just some sensible stuff in case it’s needed:


Offer Availability - The offer has to be live on the web when you contact us. Don’t delay and call tomorrow, it might be gone!

Event & Venue Availability - This changes daily and we will be sure to tell you if the day is busy or others are looking to book. Whatever happens we won’t increase the quoted event price inside the offer period. Do try and make a quick decision though as venue availability changes with the wind and you don’t want to miss out.


Blackout Days - Either we are completely booked or it is a premium date where we can only take on full paying work like Fridays in July or December. If your date is fixed please call and ask, we are very good at making things happen!


Event Location - Prices quoted include travel to mainland UK. For Europe and further afield, travel, accommodation and subsistence will be charged at cost and no discount applies.

Venue Costs - The discount only applies to the event but our Venue Finders will get you the best possible deal or we can suggest an event with minimal venue costs.




Early Christmas Bookings

Murder Mysteries are a great way to reward your team in the run up to Christmas. Running alongside your evening meal, they are interactive, engaging, and above all else - fun! To avoid disappointment and encourage early booking we’re delighted to be able to make the following offer:


top murder mysteries logo on her majestys service


On Her Majesty's Service

‘Find the killer and uncover the traitor, the Service is relying on you!’ M is furious; MI6 security has been breached, a close ally lies dead on the floor and no one knows the who, what and why. Enter Bond... James Bond! Read more...


Offer 15% Off  all On Her Majesty's Service events on Mondays and Tuesdays in November-December


How? Call 0845 006 0606 or email, mentioning 'Early Christmas Special Offer'


Blackout Days: 18th and 19th December


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Or call our friendly team on 0845 006 06 06.


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