Bridge Too Far

Battling against the clock, your guests become elite teams of army engineers as they build bridges capable of carefully ferrying a model tank to the final objective - all whilst the Sergeant Major breathes down their necks!


With time of the essence, organisation and maximum participation from every member is vital. Building on overall team skills and improving communication, the day ends with a fantastic sense of group achievement.


The goal here is not just for teams to build bridges, but for every team’s bridge to work together and create a circuit that our tank can navigate successfully.

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Inside Info

“Bridge Too Far is a great snappy, collaborative event. Guests work as teams but also have to keep an eye on the big picture - they can only succeed together.”

Katrina Shoesmith, Event Director


Best For:

Energiser, Icebreaker, Collaboration, Teamwork


Bridge building event


Fast paced, creative, high impact




45 mins - half day




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