Canapé Creations

A veritable culinary duel of skill and creativity against the clock, this is a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ with a difference! Using an array of weird, wonderful and delicious mystery ingredients, guests race to create the ultimate canapés for their restaurant’s grand opening where food critics with keen palates will judge their creations.


With great focus on creativity, teamwork and fantastic foodie fun, our Canapé Creations is ideal for a pre dinner or an afternoon activity as teams will get the chance to learn new skills whatever their culinary abilities.


Great time management is key as guests get to experience the pressure in the kitchen without compromising on quality and presentation!

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Inside Info

“Canapé Creations is one delicious affair. Guests enjoy discovering their mystery ingredients and they all pitch in with ideas for crazy, fusion cuisine creations. It’s a great way to get novices and self proclaimed top chefs having fun together!”

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Cohesion, Team Building, Confidence


Team cooking challenge


Ready Steady Cook, creative, fun
Guests: 8-500+
Timings: Half day




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