Commercial Break

In the glamourous world of advertising, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity! Teams must write, direct, film and star in their very own television adverts, complete with straplines, gimmicks, USPs and slogans, resulting in amazing - and hilarious - results!


With a vast range of costumes, props, wigs and accessories at the teams’ disposal, it doesn’t take long before the ideas start flowing and the camera starts rolling.


With everyone taking on an important production role, as well as starring in their own advert, there’s plenty to do before time runs out and the all-important premiere screening takes place!

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Inside Info

"I love seeing the teams' faces as they are unleashed on the costume department - there's no holding them back! One minute you have a group of normal colleagues, the next, they could be anything from princessess to superheroes! The fact that they get to keep their adverts means they can relive the day and the laughs as often as they like!"

Zoe Taylor, Senior Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Team Building, Fun, Creativity 


Team filming event

Style: Creative, fun, flexible
Guests: 6-760+
Timings: Half or full day
Budget: £££££


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