Commercial Break

With user-friendly, high quality HD video iPad Pros, your team becomes a complete production crew, from directors and producers to camera operators and make up artists - not to mention the stars of the screen!


Your guests compete to write, direct, film and star in their very own television adverts, inventing straplines, USP’s, gimmicks and slogans.


We provide all of the filming equipment along with a mass of props, costumes, wigs, hats and more to help your artistic dream become an on-screen reality!

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Inside Info

“There’s lots to get involved in with a Commercial Break, so it really includes the whole team. From getting the right shots, sound, lighting, script and actors on cue. Everyone has a part to play.”

Conor Molloy, Event Manager


Best For:

Team Building, Fun, Entertainment


TV Advert themed filming event

Style: Creative, flexible, tailored for your group
Guests: 6-760+
Timings: Half or full day
Budget: £££££


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