Corporate Animals

It’s a jungle out there! Corporate Animals is a fascinating and fun exploration of the lessons we can learn from the animal kingdom, and how our own behavioural characteristics impact on our work, judgements and interactions with other people.


A lot of us would aspire to have the strength of a lion, but would we also covet its impatience or aggression? The intelligence and wisdom of an owl would certainly be desirable to many, but owls are also solitary figures, withdrawn into their own world. Monkeys can be problem solving creatives, innovators and team players - but they are also impatient, inconsistent and over eager.


In packs and prides, schools and herds, animals come together to accomplish their common goals. Together, they are stronger. Together, they can do anything.

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Inside Info

"This workshop is a lot of fun but it has real value - by highlighting what makes us different we strengthen bonds and bring down walls."

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Facilitation, Communication Skills, Understanding Each Other


Behavioural assessment workshop

Style: Informative, lively, interactive
Guests: 8-1000+
Timings: Half or full day program
Budget: £££££


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