Creative Grooves

This dynamic and animated musical event will have your guests on their feet and brimming with energy!


Every guest is given a specially designed Boomwhacker (lightweight, colourful tubes that produce a musical note when struck), and our expert facilitator will transform them into an impressive and cohesive orchestra within minutes!


By the end of the event, guests will be amazed at their newfound musical skills. As a group they will naturally experience how harmonious teamwork and communication can produce some seriously impressive results!

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Inside Info

“Creative Grooves is a fantastically fun way to demonstrate the power of teamwork - it really is amazing how quickly the group is moulded as one!”

Kim Harrington, Event Manager


Best For:

Energiser, Icebreaker, Collaboration, Team Building


High energy musical activity 


Fun, musical, one team, high impact




20mins - 1 hour




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