CSI: Murder Mystery

A tragic death; motives abound; but was it murder? Our CSI Murder Mystery puts your group in the role of Crime Scene Investigators - from the comfort of the dinner table!


Ideal for a post conference meal or as part of your annual celebrations, guests will use genuine CSI equipment as they sift through evidence and perform forensic tests, interrogating suspects and running background checks. Throughout the evening their deductive skills and analytic reasoning will be tested to breaking point as they try to unravel this complex crime.


By coffee we hope that your guests will be able to submit their findings, correctly identifying the Who, the How, and the Why, to ensure a victory for justice!



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Inside Info

"CSI is a great murder mystery for guests that want a bit of a challenge with their entertainment. The highlights are definitely the hands on activites - between courses - that really give the event depth." 

Steve Scott, Operations Director


Best For:

Entertainment, Team Building, Reward


Team based murder mystery over a meal


Criminal Investigators, hands on, interactive




Over a meal




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