Gameshow Marathon

Welcome to the Gameshow Marathon! A real blast from the past with a great mix of classic gameshow rounds and a few new twists!


Guided by our host, your team will be put to the test in a variety of challenging and often hilarious rounds.


We surveyed 100 people... Nice to see you… Our survey said... Are you smarter than a 10 year old?!


All your favourites are here, using professional AV, high quality visuals, props and theming, giant playing cards, familiar buzzers, giant countdown clocks, it’s all to play for in this fantastic competition!


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Inside Info

“I love this event because the shows are all so familiar and fun - when the games begin it goes from quiet anticipation to raucous cheers in an instant!”

Katrina Shoesmith, Event Director


Best For:

Entertainment, Reward, Team Building


Team based indoor quiz show


Fun, competitive, interactive




1-3 hours




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