Go Sushi

The sushi craze has been sweeping the nation for years as a healthy body equals a healthy mind, but how many people know how to make their own?


Using only the finest quality ingredients, guests will prepare an authentic and delicious sushi meal and get to take away their own sushi box, miso soups, chop sticks, wasabi, all the trimmings and not to mention a lot of mouth watering sushi!


Run as a fun culinary challenge or a relaxed, informative way to learn a new skill, Go Sushi is a unique team building experience for any food enthusiasts.

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Inside Info

“Go Sushi is definitely one of our most delicious events. So many people have it for lunch or as a light dinner that actually learning how to make it all at home is an interesting and fun challenge! Be warned, the results are very difficult to resist!”

Zoe Taylor, Senior Event Manager


Best For: 

Reward, Learn A New Skill, Teamwork


Fun sushi making event
Style: Informative, relaxed, fun, creative




Half day




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